Earth Day 2018

Hi guys, happy Earth Day! This is a post I’ve been rather excited about writing the past few days actually, as I am quite passionate about preserving and bettering the planet we live on, as we all say, we do only have one!

Today’s blog is going to be a little different, but still something so close to my heart. This comes after my success and feedback from my first post Money Saving Tips for Students, which can be found by clicking on the blue link in this sentence (you might surprise yourself with some of my tips!). So many tips and hacks that are like a second nature to me were unknown to so many of you who messaged me surprised, so here are my ones on how you can reduce your environmental footprint and help save our planet!



Simple one really, but I can’t stress enough. WASTE. LESS. FOOD. Not only will this save you a tonne of money but really reduce the amount of waste you contribute overall. I genuinely waste nothing. Even if there’s only a few mouthfuls of rice etc left, freeze it. When you’re eating dinner alone these make really convenient and tasty sides to have with quorn, meat, whatever. Just take it out of the freezer and heat it up. Also, check supermarket reduce sections whenever you happen to pass, you find some great bargains you can freeze up to 3 months to help with budgeting too. For example, yesterday I found a large bag of green beans down to 22p, (31¢ for my American followers). These are now in my freezer, and I take out a handful every time I fancy them in a meal, (they also make great snacks for my hamster!) I can get about 5-10 meals out of these, depending on how many I’m cooking for. 7.3 MILLION tonnes of food was wasted in 2017 in the UK alone, this number can be easily drastically changed.


BE LAZY: (Yes, Really!):

On the topic of food, get yours delivered to your house. Not only is this definitely an easier option, freeing up some spare time, but also more environmentally friendly. One van carrying about 20 houses food orders, as opposed to 20 separate cars, saves a lot of petrol, and CO2 from entering our ozone layer. Where’s the loss?!



Not only is growing your own food within your garden rewarding, it’s also cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Try planting some flowers too. Your garden will look a lot prettier, smell nicer, and be a thriving support for our best friends, the bees. With the bee population worryingly dwindling, not only are they worth saving anyway, but we would lose an extremely high amount of our food sources due to lack of pollination. TIP: Bee’s especially love tubular shaped flowers, they are easy to reside in whilst pollinating, and more preferential for long tongued bees such as your common garden bumble bee. Some good starting plants are foxgloves, snapdragons and honeysuckle.



Nearly 10 BILLION tonnes of plastic have been dumped into landfills all across the world since the 1950’s. Not only is this number devastatingly high, but is only set to get higher. Plastic also takes such a long time to breakdown and biodegrade, that any piece of plastic thrown away in our lifetime will not achieve this by the time our grandchildren are born. Worrying right? Opt to recycle every bit of plastic used, so they can be remade into other everyday items, or better yet, try visiting your nearest zero waste shop. This is a fairly new and quickly emerging concept. You bring along your own jars, glass bottles etc, and take exactly what you need. Prices are determined on a weight basis. With just over 1/3 of sea animals surveyed and studied having ate some sort of plastic, why wouldn’t you? Also consider buying some reusable metal straws to reduce your waste. World figures such as Theresa May are working on banning plastic straws completely overtime, (not to get political but it may be the only thing she’s done I actually agree with).



They’re more sturdy, last longer, less likely to rip, and have some pretty cute designs on some of them. More than 1,000,000 plastic bags are estimated to be used a minute, with only 1% of them being recycled.



Although dryers do use a LOT of electricity and energy to power, if you really prefer to use yours, there’s still ways you can be more thrifty and environmentally friendly about it. Whenever my dryer at home needs its tank full of water emptying, instead of pouring it away, it helps to water your plants with it. The water is perfectly fine, keeps the plants alive (as I have done this for years), and reduces the amount of water wasted per household.



Although humorously titled (I find myself too funny), cheap and efficient bird feed is closer than you think! Especially during winter months, more and more birds are struggling to find viable sources of food and forage. If you are a meat eater, the fat off your meat, especially sausages can actually be more useful than you think. Instead of giving your sponge a lovely greasy layer when washing away in the sink, try collecting the fat once solidified, (which happens at room temperature), and roll together with muesli into little golf sized balls. Birds go crazy for this, it’s fun for them to pick at, and attracts more wildlife to your garden, for those of you who like to bird watch!


Thanks for reading guys, as we can all do our part to be more environmentally friendly and aware, Love, Erin x



Any tips I’ve missed out, or quirky things you do at home to reduce your footprint, I’d love to hear them! Leave me a comment below!

39 thoughts on “Earth Day 2018

  1. This is so true, I love reading other people who actually care about this. I believe every day is Earth day and I am trying to minimize my plastic use. I love shopping in zero waste stores also.


  2. Lovely! We are so glad we think alike! We have compost pits. Do vermiculture. Use cloth bag and more!


  3. I had the opportunity to interview Sarah King who is the head of Oceans-Plastics campaign and she says our planet is in big trouble. The plastic crisis is contaminating our oceans and subsequently the foods we eat. They have launched a toolkit to help consumers lower their plastic intake and make businesses and governments accountable.


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