Money Saving Tips For Students.

So, to kick off my blog into full swing, I thought I’d start by writing a post on money saving tips and life hacks, revolving mainly around students.

When it comes to scrimping, I’ve always been complimented on my innovative nature and ‘outside the box’ thinking; with my housemates and family often being shocked at what deals I manage to find, and what quirky (and sometimes downright mad) methods of money saving I carry out.

Anyway, before I spend an eternity rambling and create an image that I see myself as some money saving guru/Adonis, I’ll crack on.

Firstly, I’d like to give a mention to Save The Student; as they’ve given me lots of inspiration over the years. You can check out their website here! Or subscribe to their WhatsApp chat to receive daily updates on deals and contests. Also check out Martin Lewis The Money Saving Expert


Who doesn’t love the word ‘free’? And what better to get for free than money?

Well, when I say free I technically mean money for next to no effort. My personal favourite way to achieve this is through surveys.

In terms of survey websites it is best not to rush into things and do your research first on the legitimacy of any sites come across. Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Because I love you guys, I’ve already compiled a list of genuine survey sites below, all these I have already received money off several times myself.


  1. )  YouGov– YouGov I’d have to rank as my number one favourite survey website. They’re personally the most professional I’ve come across in their sector and are also super flexible when focusing on ways you can earn your money. Not only are you taking surveys of a political nature (some of which their data gathered gets published in studies), but also you know your voice is making a difference. Cash can be redeemed once you reach £50 (5000 points). Each survey is usually around 50 points each (50p) and vary between 12-14 minutes on average. YouGov also offer telephone interviews on a range of politically driven topics and opportunities to spell and error check some of their surveys before they are released publicly. All of these I have taken part in myself, with my personal favourite being spell checking their surveys as this earns you an easy £40 for one hours work!
  2. Global Citizen– Global Citizen is honestly my best find this year I’d say. Another politically driven, humanitarian website. This one works a bit differently, the points you earn are spent on entries to competitions for concert tickets, holidays, meals and more. All you need to do is tweet or email certain people using Global Citizens templates to earn points for entry, it couldn’t be easier! I’ve won standing tickets to Emeli Sandé through this website last month, which was AMAZING!
  3. OnePoll–  With a quick and easy cash out goal of only £25, which can be paid straight to your card or PayPal if preferred, OnePoll is no doubt an easy option. This was the first survey site I joined. Rewards per survey range from 10p-£1, and surveys are always varied, with some really fun (and weird) questions popping up, they manage to keep your attention and bring an extra bit of fun to your night whilst you’re sat on the sofa in your Primark pyjamas watching The Chase (again).


This one’s a bit tricky to begin with, but once established is a walk in the park. If you fancy trying your luck winning a range of things from holidays, technology, money and more, this section might just be for you. The first step to finding worthy competitions is not to be deceived by the classic “we have 300 opened iPad’s which we can’t sell, share to win one” that often make the rounds on Facebook. Although, Facebook is a good starting place in all respects. Always check first if the page sharing the competition you want to enter is blue tick verified, as this determines its legitimacy. The same rule applies for entering competitions as joining survey websites; if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Take extra caution as you are entering some sensitive details at times, and if you’re really dedicated, set up a separate email account for your competitions to avoid spam. There’s a wide range of Facebook groups also out there devoted to finding and sharing the best current deals around, as well as many websites I have mentioned at the beginning of my post. Once you start the ball rolling it’s almost like the competitions come to you, if you have previously entered with a certain company before, I often find the next competition they hold will be emailed straight to you anyway. For a few seconds of your time I find when you win it is well worth it. I have personally won tickets for Kings of Leon, UK Foo Fighters and The Sherlocks before.



Not everything fine in life has to be expensive, or even cost at all. I’m all about free samples, getting several through the post a week, sometimes even a day. Coupons I’ve received before are 10-20% off at stores such as custom plugs, pets at home and more; which if they have a long life until their expiry date I like to save until I need them. Something key to remember is just because you have a percentage off purchases doesn’t mean you’re necessarily saving if you’re spending on things you don’t need. Ways to receive free samples I’ve found most effective personally is checking websites, especially those releasing a new product/range, they will always be eager for the public to try and feedback. Some websites even present you with the opportunity to become a product tester, although you may not always be picked, it’s worth a go isn’t it? So keep your eye out when browsing the web on your favourite sites. Or sign up to Toluna, who also give you the opportunity to product test. Products I have received through these methods are Charles Worthington violet toning shampoo, Sensodyne toothpaste, Bio Oil, Scar Cream and Batiste dry shampoo.


Found any good deals through my advice or have your own tips to share? Leave a comment below or get in touch with me through my contact page.




16 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips For Students.

  1. These are awesome tips and so… modern, I would say! When I was student the only way to save money was to eat cheap and don’t spend for entertaining.


  2. Oh I definitely love saving money. I’ve done a few surveys before. I’ve done some where you get air miles instead of money and those are great to accumulate. But surveys can take some time to be prepared to be patient. I guess there’s no easy way to earn money or freebies right?


  3. What great advice to save money. However, some take loads of time to do, but there is no easy way to make or save money. Thank you for sharing!


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